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Selling Homes During The Holidays

What’s the best way to sell a house during the holidays? With brownies! Or cookies, or cake, or gingerbread…you see where this is going?

Smell is our most powerful sensory imagery tool. A house can look beautiful inside and out, but if your clients can’t envision themselves living day-to-day in the home, it’s all for naught. If you want to reach down into the heart of your clients and help them visualize their Christmas, birthdays, summers in this house – have something fresh baked sitting out on the counter.

Why does this work? Cookies
Think back to your childhood. What does the smell of cookies, bread, or pie do to your heart? What memories does it evoke? Chances are – they’re good ones. If you’re client can get a whiff of their good memories when they walk through that door, they can see themselves creating memories for their kids or grandkids there, too. It moves from being a house, to becoming a home.

So next time you have a house ready to put on the market – holiday’s or not – take a little extra time and bake a batch of cookies or your favorite treat. Don’t have the time? Enlist a friend or family member to do it for you! Take shortcuts – buy premade dough and scoop it onto the pans so all you have to do is bake it.

And of course, eat it.

When it comes time for your clients to move in, don’t hesitate to give them the number for Go Trashy (888) 220-8743 or connect them with our app (iPhone, Android). We’re available on demand for recycling, trash, yard waste, or junk removal and come affordable and with a smile.

So get your baker on and sell those homes!