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Yes, each driver is interviewed and background checked during hiring process. Information regarding Hauler requirements found below.

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Absolutely. Update the current Job in app by selecting “Add to Job” and provide additional item description(s) and picture(s). After hauler accepts new materials, Job cost will be adjusted.

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Customer credit cards on file will not be charged until the Job is complete. Only after pickup will Hauler mark job complete, initiating the Stripe payment transaction in app.

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Yes a Chat feature has been added to allow clarifying questions like “What is inside the bag?” The chat icon is on the upper right-hand side of the app, and will alert you when you have a message waiting.

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Open app select "Create New Account." First name, last name, phone number, address, credit/debit card, and email address fields are all required. Once required fields are provided, choose “create account.”

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Once a Customer has submitted the Job, multiple Haulers will price the cost of removal. Curb-It technology will then provide the most affordable price to accept. Hauler + Customer can coordinate a date and time for pickup through the apps. 

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Currently at this time it is not possible to add a tip in-app. However if you think your Hauler has gone above and beyond with excellent service, it is perfectly acceptable to tip them in cash.

We recommend first trying to use the chat feature to communicate with your Hauler during a job. If your issue persists, you may contact help or submit a ticket below.

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Depending on the severity, call 911 in case of emergency during the job. When appropriate, please “submit a ticket” and provide details of the incident.

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We have a separate app in the App Store and and Google Play for haulers/drivers. Head to the App Store or Google Play to download the “Curb-It: Haulers” app, after becoming an approved Hauler.

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Haulers can find the amount they have earned from inside the app. Payments will be made via Stripe, which will tally job totals for the day and deposit them approximately 3 business days later. Visit our hauler portal to add or update Hauler banking info.

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Once a Customer has submitted job images and details, Haulers will price based on materials and size + weight. After a Customer accepts the most affordable price, Haulers will take Job materials to their proper disposal locations with monetary incentives for materials like metals or recyclables.

If you haven’t been approved to be a Hauler, you will not be able to access the App. You can log in to the provider portal to check application status.

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Yes, you can turn Job notifications on and off under Preferences > Personal Info and at the bottom will be the setting to enable or disable notifications.

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Haulers can add territories for Jobs under Preferences > More > Territory. Your active territory is in red, and you can click other areas you would like to add.

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Yes a Chat feature was intended to allow Haulers to ask clarifying questions like “What is inside the bag?” Chat icon is on the upper right-hand side of the app, and will alert you when you have a message waiting.

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Haulers may find nearly all account info on the web in our provider portal. Job history, bank info, password reset, and “In Service” switch can be found under the Hauler App Menu button.

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Each driver is interviewed and background checked during hiring process. Below is additional information regarding Hauler requirements & sign up process.

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Need More Help? Click here to visit our Curb-It Support Portal for more help.