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Work when you want.
Earn what you want. Curb-It logo

Work when you want.
Earn what you want.

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Download the Hauler App

Sign up and download the free Curb-It Hauler app, it’s a quick and simple process.


Provide a Few Documents

Upload your license, proof of insurance and a few additional details to start a Hauler Screening.


Start Hauling

Once your application is approved and you become a Curb-It Hauler, you can start hauling right away!

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We Give You the Tools

Grow Your Business with

The Curb-It Hauler platform provides free junk removal leads and the tools you need to build your business on your own terms.


Marketing & Promotion

Whether it’s radio, social media, search engines or print, we make promoting the Curb-It Hauler app a top priority, leading to more jobs for you.


Record Keeping

Track your jobs by conveniently logging into the Curb-It Hauler Dashboard to view all your past jobs and calculate your collected earnings.


Billing & Collections

We handle invoicing and payment collection so you never worry about getting paid.  Funds are automatically deposited to your checking account.

Happy Haulers,
Happy Customers

Our Haulers love working with Curb-It, here’s what they’re saying about us.

On time, very helpful and professional. The app is incredibly convenient. I highly recommend!


I tried Curb-It and was very pleased. It was easy and my things were picked up in 30 minutes.


As a busy working mom, Curb-It has been a lifesaver. I can usually find time to clean stuff out and make a trip to the dump, but I never have time for both.


Since I joined, I’ve had nothing but positive things happen.  The support is second to none and it’s very easy to navigate!  The forum is a great tool to spur up your business.  Thanks to everyone!

Izzy B.

Hauler in
Orange County, CA.

I love being a hauler, I work when I want, money comes within days, and the support staff is amazing. They make the process so easy.

Jeff N.

Hauler in
Portland, OR

I can set my range, text the customers when I arrive, work when I want, meet some cool people. The team is fast and fun to work with. I’m glad I joined and look forward to meeting new customers.

Robert T.

Hauler in
Seattle, WA.

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