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What’s Your Time Worth?

 “I’m just so busy!”
“I don’t know where the time goes!”
“There’s no way I can squeeze one more
thing into my schedule!”

Sound familiar? Americans are notorious for being too busy. We pack our schedules with work, hobbies, our kids’ activities, and more.

For many of us, being busy is a fact of life. But are we honest about why we’re so busy and how we’re spending our time? Are we doing things that make us happy or bring us closer toward our goals? Ask yourself; what is your time worth to you – and are you spending it in the ways you want?

So what would you do with an extra 15 minutes? What about an extra hour? How about three hours? Go Trashy can save your family up to 3 hours every time you have “stuff” you need to get rid of.

Household chores like clearing out clutter and getting rid of junk are necessary and important, but they’re also the types of chores we want to complete as quickly as possible.

Just deciding how to get rid of junk can consume a ton of your time. Use a large hauling company and you’ll find yourself waiting around in whatever time window the company provides. Use Craigslist, and you’ll have to post the ad, wait for responses, then hope that someone will show up. This is why 71% of US Households report doing this work themselves, even though it means loading it up, driving to the dump, waiting in the long line, and dealing with the cleanliness of a landfill.


Go Trashy is different. In just a few minutes, your “stuff” can be gone with absolutely no hassle, quickly and safely finding someone to haul it away at a great price.

Your time is valuable. At Go Trashy we’re super excited about the fact that we can help you and your family free up time for the things you love to do. Download our app today (iPhone, Android) and enjoy the convenience of junk removal on-demand.