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Check In With Jen – Recology Organics/SCRAP
Jen at Recology Organics

Last month, our group visited Recology Organics in North Plains, OR. As it name may indicate, the facility is a state of the art composting site. However, unique to Recology Organics is that it allows food scraps in the compost which is often not allowed.

If you’ve never been around a steaming pile of compost – it smells. Bad. To manage the smell, the company has huge perforated tubes under the piles of decaying compost that pulls air from the top of the pile through the tubes where the odorous microbes are captured and then fed to non-odorous microbes before being released back into the air.  Pretty cool!

As most gardeners know, there’s nothing like a garden nurtured with compost. Want to give it a try? Recology Organics sells the compost to the public! If you don’t compost at home, head over to Recology Organics and serve yourself up a healthy serving of compost. Your garden will thank you.

SCRAP - Non-profit Store

Next up, we went to SCRAP which is a non-profit store that accepts used office supplies, art supplies, fabric, etc. This is a different type of recycling than we’ve talked about before, but it is recycling. Or, if you prefer, upcycling.

In addition to shopping the store (you can even shop by handfuls!) you can have parties there and they even offer classes. Really neat store.