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Reasons To Upcycle Used Materials

If you’re reading this, chances are that you share similar values to our own. One Go Trashy holds particularly close is upcycling. People are ready to get rid of their stuff every day and need junk removal companies to dispose of it. Needless to say, we see and take away a lot of different types of junk. But, how often do we see our own stuff as what it could be rather than what it is? And, how often do we consider the importance of rediscovering new life in our old things?

Here are just a few reasons to upcycle your used materials:

Environmental Friendly Service

Environmentally friendly

Why upcycle when you can recycle? Upcycling is in fact more efficient and environmentally sustaining than recycling. Recycling takes the original items and breaks them down in factories to produce similar or different items (using machinery and heating and cooling systems). Upcycling takes the original item and with a little personal creativity (or inspiration from Pinterest or Google) turns it into something better than the original item – typically using things you already own. Not only you are saving on transportation costs to get your waste to a landfill or recycling center, you are also saving on energy costs and carbon emissions. Even better, you’re utilizing materials lying around at home and creating something useful in the process!

Upcycling can change how we view items normally destined for the landfill. This mental shift alone can help create a positive impact on the environment.

Helps others

Mug with Fairy Lights on Background

Many artists, creatives, and entrepreneurs are turning upcycling into a business. Whether it’s creating something new with old materials or being a used materials broker (yes, they do exist!), upcycling is changing lives. It has carved out its own little niche in the economy and is creating jobs, beautiful and useful items, and playing an ever more important role in everyday life and even our health.

Even something as simple as donating old furniture and clothing can mean the world to someone else. It supports the saying ‘Give a hand up not a hand out’ and provides the opportunity for others to furnish their homes, their closets, or create something new and wonderful.

Saves money

Why buy something when you can get creative out in the garage? True, upcycling isn’t for all things, but it can be a good alternative for many things.

Some good everyday upcycling examples you can make are:

  • Bowls/Glasses/Vases
  • Fairy lights
  • Coffee tables
  • Bags/Apparel/Jewelry
  • Blankets/Quilts
  • Coasters

Want some examples?

  • For high-end professional work, check out Upcycle Creative.
  • For everyday products in a more everyday price range: Hipcycle
  • put together a good list of upcycling businesses you can check out here (Hipster is also included).
  • For other awesome inspiration and upcyclers, do an ‘upcycled’ search on Etsy!

Great way to spend time with your kids

Sunset on a Beach

Kids love virtually anything hands-on. There’s hardly a more hands-on project than upcycling. Get the kids involved and find some fun things to do together. Here are some ideas to get started:

Check out our other posts on upcycling:

Rekindles your creative spirit

Looking at something different once opens the door to looking at other things differently in the future. Possibilities you didn’t know were there will reveal themselves to you as you remember the first experience of upcycling. Start with one of the activities above – just for fun – and see where it leads. You may be surprised.

Upcycling isn’t just a growing trend limited to places known for the environmental consciousness like Seattle, WA or Portland, OR. It’s becoming a way of life for many Americans and people around the world. As the world becomes smaller, we need to consider using our innovation and creativity to discover new ways to breathe life into old things and preserve our limited natural resources.

If you’ve wanted to get rid of and donate that old couch or dresser but it won’t fit in your car, Go Trashy can take it for you! It will surely be just what someone else was looking for. Give us a call ((888) 220-8743)or request a pick-up time through our app (iPhone, Android). It’s easy and affordable!