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How You Can Use Junk To Connect With Your Community

As the days get longer and the sun makes more of an appearance, people get in the mood to be outside. Being cooped up all winter also has the potential to clutter up the house. Many people turn to spring cleaning and yard sales to solve this problem. In fact, a yard sale addresses both: you get outside, and you get rid of stuff.

But getting rid of stuff can also play a third role: connecting you with your community. Talk a walk to each of your neighbors houses and see if they’d be interested in a joint yard-sale. Pick a day and increase the attraction by having a multi-home garage sale! Not only will you be outside enjoying the changing season, but you’ll be treating yourself to psychological relief by letting go of your junk while building relationships with neighbors and visitors.

Here’s a rundown of some basic items you’ll need for a yard sale:

  • Change box (with change in it of course)
  • Simple price tags/stickers on items or tables
  • A chair or two
  • Tables to put smaller for sale items on
  • A pen and notepad
  • A cheerful spirit
  • Patience

What happens when the yard sale ends and there’s still stuff lying around? Well, thankfully, you’ve already arranged with Go Trashy (iPhone, Android(888) 220-8743) to come pick up all the items for donation! You can then get back to the business of community building and enjoy a BBQ with your neighbors to celebrate your weekend success.