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The Man With Two Lives

Our American veterans lead two lives in our society. One is that of the unsung hero, the victor in battle, and the role model for our kids. The life that sacrifices birthdays with kids and anniversaries with wives or husbands, to serve their country and protect each of us, instead. The other life, is that of the father or mother, the nurse, contractor, or scientist.

Like superheroes, many servicemen and women join out of a sense of honor, the desire to service their country to cultivate the American Dream. Kyle Sherman is one such man.

If you’re a comic book reader, you know that no one starts out as a superhero. They are created by developing their strengths, learning new skills, and growing their limits. Superheroes in many ways are comprised of these three things: they are loyal, a person of action, and (in most cases) tend to be humble (this certainly excludes Iron Man).

Since his youth, Kyle knew service to his country was something he wanted to do. “I was very idealistic,” he says, “and held the American dream in the highest regard; I couldn’t simply reap its benefits without giving of myself first.” Loyalty – Check!

So, what did he do? Like every good hero, he took action. The marines didn’t offer the sort of training that was readily transferrable to civilian life, so he tried the next door – literally. It was the navy. “The Navy recruiters offered me a job in the Nuclear Power field,” Kyle shares, “which came with the most education that any enlisted man was to obtain at the time.”  Person of Action – Check!

When asked what his best experience in his 14-year career has been, Kyle didn’t hesitate: “Driving the USS Anchorage up the Cook Inlet, through Break Up and in to port at Anchorage for her Commissioning Ceremony in 2013 with the best Commanding Officer I ever had the pleasure of serving with was an incredible experience.” Humility – Check!

Our society makes the mistake of seeing all veterans in the same stereotypical Hollywooded light: they are not delusional homeless men and women. Instead, they are men and women who have put their physical and personal lives on the line to defend a country they believe in. Not to mention they’ve amassed a collection of incredible one-of-a-kind experiences.

“What was your most memorable experience?” I asked.

“Getting goosebumps at sea in the Central Arabian Gulf when the temperature dipped down to 99 degrees Fahrenheit at midnight after weeks of mid 120s degree heat.”

Reader, can you imagine? Getting goosebumps at 99 degrees Fahrenheit? I’m pulling on a sweater at 62¡!

Why is this post on Go Trashy’s blog? Well, it’s because Go Trashy is committed to serving veterans by welcoming them into the company as integral members. Kyle himself is COO of Go Trashy and stated that “The energy, enthusiasm and autonomy of starting and operating small business is exhilarating.”

Do you know a veteran with a story to share? Or a veteran who you’d like to refer to Go Trashy? We want to hear about them! Please contact us about the veterans in your community and we’ll see how we can get them involved in the Go Trashy community.