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A few tips on creating a fantastic space for your baby


Even if this is not your first kid, preparing for a new family member is no easy task. You have birthing classes and enough doctor appointments to last a lifetime. Throw into that the fact that most of you are still working a job, running errands, cooking dinner, and so much more it’s hardly worth listing.

With all there is to do, it can be easy to overlook the tasks that aren’t “required.” You wouldn’t skip a doctor’s appointment because life and health are at stake. But what is stopping you from putting-off the nursery design process, right? It’s an excusable error, but the truth is, the environment in which your new child grows up is wildly important, and it takes time to set up and design a nursery room. You have to get started soon, so let us help you make the process run smoothly.

These simple steps will help you create the nursery of your dreams. On your first night at home, as you sit in the rocking chair late into the night and take in your child’s new room, you will be glad you took the time and spent the energy to make the place special.


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The Right Space

I’ve had a family member set up the crib in their bedroom. It wasn’t their first kid. They said the baby always ended up sleeping in their room anyway. Don’t do that. It’s not safe to have a baby in bed, and after the first couple months, you are going to want some of your space back. You need a place to rest while the baby is sleeping. If you have to have the baby near you in your room, use a small bassinet near the bed.

Survey your house as you consider the best place for your new baby. And remember to consider the time of year you will be bringing your kiddo home. In the winter, windows can cause drafts or attract moisture, neither of which we want for the baby. That said, natural light is important too. Ideally, find a room with a closet. Baby’s come with a lot of stuff, from toys to stuffed animals to diapers and wipes.

A quiet, safe place is an obvious choice. But what should you do if your best nursery room choice is downstairs and your master bedroom is upstairs? Your new kid means a lot of lifestyle changes. Don’t be afraid to move your bedroom to better suit your new needs. It doesn’t have to be a permanent move, but you need to do what’s best for the kiddo.


Clear it Out

Start from zero. Don’t try to use the nursery closet as a storage closet. I had another family member who tried to keep his closet in the nursery because the master closet was pinched for space. In just a few months, he had already woken up the baby while trying to get dressed several times, and the closet was quickly overtaken by the kid’s stuff anyway. He spent a frustrating Saturday rehanging, organizing, and moving all his clothes out of the space when he should have been resting.

Use a junk removal expert like Go Trashy, the junk hauling app, to get rid of any unwanted stuff. They upcycle and recycle whenever they can, and they can take just about anything you can imagine. Once you have cleared out the nursery, take an hour to dust, vacuum, wash the walls with water and soap, and wash the window(s). A clean and healthy space for your baby means peace of mind for tired, stressed parents.


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Before you start putting the crib together or bringing in the baby’s dresser, decorate the walls the way you would like them done. Whether you hire a painter or do things yourself, get creative and have fun. Some of the first memories in your baby’s young life will be experienced in this room.

Some parents like to choose a theme, but remember that this will be the kid’s room for a long time. Will you get tired of the dancing fairies on all the walls? Sure, get whimsical, but try to create an environment built for years of enjoyment. It’s obnoxious to have to decorate and redesign a kid’s room once they’re running around and getting into things.


Put Everything Together

We all laugh at the sitcom when they get the baby home and dad starts to put the crib together, but the sad thing is, it actually happens. As hard as it is to be prepared and get things done when you have all the responsibilities of doctor visits and your work life, it only gets harder after the baby is here.

Spend just one day, and put together each and every piece of furniture. Get the wall hangings up and level, and even open the box of diapers and wipes a week or so before baby’s due date. You don’t want to have to secure the changing pad to the table surface while you’re holding the baby in one hand and trying to open a box of diapers with the other hand.

Have fun doing it, too. Don’t be miserably moaning at each other as you try to use that tiny allen wrench to tighten the crib walls. Play music, bring up a little snack, and enjoy your time constructing the perfect room for your baby.


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