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The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On Junk Removal

The holidays are drawing near. That can evoke all sorts of emotions ranging from giddiness (it’s snowing, it’s snowing) to absolute panic (your parents are arriving when?!). No matter which end of the spectrum you’re on, Go Trashy (iPhone, Android) is able to help you out.

If you’re kids find half a dozen snow suits that no longer fit which lead to checking pants, then t-shirts, then sweaters…or you look out your window and discover you have half a garage lying out front and can just see your mother-in-law’s face…here is the ultimate cheat sheet on getting all that junk removed.

  • Familiarize yourself with what can be picked up

    • Go Trashy keeps a list of things they can easily take off your hands!Accepted Icon
  • Be familiar with what cannot be accepted

    • Check back regularly to the Go Trashy website to get a detailed list of which items are not accepted for junk removal, donations, yard waste, etc.
  • Put together in easily grab-able piles

    • Think bags, boxes, cords, etc.
    • The easier the items can be removed, the faster their out of your hair.
    • The less time it takes to load, the less you will be charged.
  • Group like things

    • If you are donating, set those asideZebra Group
    • If you are throwing away, set those aside in another pile, etc.
  • Clearly label each pile, bag, box, etc.

    • You are taking the time to separate the items in to junk and donations – make sure everyone else knows that too so it goes to the right place.
  • Be sure to create pick up access

    • If they can’t get to your stuff, it won’t get removed.
    • Clear any obstacles blocking the location of your items to be removed so that a pick-up truck can back up to it.
    • Make it simple: if you have only a few items, leave them at the curb in front of your home.
  • Have your phone handy

    • Go Trashy provides regular updates of the trash removal. If it’s a small job, you’ll receive a confirmation. If it’s a larger job, you’ll receive updated photos of the status of the job and notification of its completion.

So, don’t worry if you have junk to be removed before guests arrive. Go Trashy (iPhone, Android) has got you covered.