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What Is Your Junk Worth?

We’ve all heard it before: One man’s junk is another man’s treasure.

Well, before it becomes another man’s treasure, maybe you should find out if it’s already treasure.

Spring and fall are typically when people go through their things and begin to get rid of items that no longer have a place in their lives. The past few years, shows like ‘Storage Wars,’ ‘Pawn Stars,’ and ‘Auction Kings,’ flaunt the success of discovering or identifying collectables and hidden treasures, sometimes right under the nose of the original owner.

So, what do you have in your closet? (You thought I was going to say, wallet, didn’t you?)

When you take the time to sift through your various bags and boxes, consider looking at your junk through the lens of an archeologist. If it interests you, create a pile to research. Consider facts such as the condition your item is in, whether it has the original packaging, and its age. See what the items are going for online at places like eBay, Craigslist, or Backpage, or visit a brick and mortar retailer.

If you still have an inkling they may be worth something, seek help from a professional. Consider meeting with someone who has day-to-day experience with such dealings such as a collector, pawn broker, or museum curator. Before you declare them junk, you could also visit some of the below sites if you would like to move forward and look for an appraisal of your item:

No harm in double checking, right? You never know, you may just have a specialty item that could pay for a family dinner! But, should you discover what you own really will become another man’s treasure later down the road, give Go Trashy a call or a quick tap of the app (iPhone, Android,  (888) 220-8743). We’ll pick it up and send it on its way to its future kingdom.