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Simple Storage Solutions To Maximize Space

Birds are singing, trees are budding, and spring cleaning tips are popping up everywhere. Well, here’s another one: Maximize your space using simple storage solutions.

Sometimes, all it takes is a closet makeover to discover the array of amazing things you already own. Whether it be in the pantry, the garage, the bathroom, or bedroom, most of us have hidden treasures going bad or losing their fit at this moment. Try these easy tips to bring what’s hidden, to the forefront.

Get rid of what you don’t use. Show off what you do. For example: you only bought the oatmeal out of obligation, but it’s been sitting there behind the Captain Crunch boxes (which have come and gone) for years. Toss it. Instead, put the cereal you’ll actually eat up there and open up space in the garage. You won’t feel guilty every time you open the closet, and you’ll free up that space.

Try a different type of organizing container. Or use one. Walking in the closet or opening the garage or pantry door only to see things spilling off shelves can be overwhelming. It’s easy just to close the door again and back away like you never opened it. Plan an hour or two into your schedule each week to face the problem head on. Focus on one section and go through what’s stuffed on the shelves or the overflowing bins. Put what you don’t use, is broken, or out of date in the ‘get rid of’ pile and either refill the containers or find some you like to fill and replace the now-empty spots. Bonus tip: label the bins, baskets, or cubbies with what is (or should be) in them for easy access and cleanup.

Incorporate storage into your decoration. What does that look like? A decorative wooden chest, ottomans that open, baskets that hold blankets or reading material, giant wicker baskets that hold seasonal items while the lid is home to photos or plants year-round. There are hundreds of ideas to incorporate storage into decoration – you are limited only by your imagination.

As you go through your home and make these small but profoundly helpful changes, don’t forget that once you’ve bagged items up for donation or as junk – your work ends! Go Trashy (iPhone, Android(888) 220-8743) will come and remove it for you so you can relax in the tidiness of your home.