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Junk Removal
San Jose, CA

Hey San Jose, We're in Your City!

It’s simple:

Just snap a photo of the items you want gone. In minutes you'll receive multiple bids from Curb-It approved Providers. Award the job to the Hauler of your choice who arrives within hours or at a scheduled day and time of your choice.

No matter how you look at it, Junk Removal is a chore. Curb-It wants to help. We make it easy to get rid of those annoying pieces that have been clogging up your life for too long. We handle any non-hazardous junk, big or small. Need to get rid of an old piece of furniture? Clean up after an event? Yard waste removal services? Curb-It handles it all.

Negotiating and obtaining on-site estimates for bulk trash removal service can be a huge time sink. What makes Curb-It unique, is that Haulers compete for your job. You are not forced to pick the least expensive of prices you can’t afford, instead, our model is meant to benefit you, the customer.

Simply follow the steps on the mobile or web app (iPhone, Android (add web link)) and in no time you'll receive multiple bids. Curb-It Certified Haulers are available On-Demand or at a future scheduled time of your choice. You will receive notifications alerting you of their arrival and departure. You can communicate with your Hauler throughout the process or not, since there is no need to be on-site when they arrive.

We haul away anything non-hazardous: trash, junk, recycling, donations, yard debris, and more. We pride ourselves on upcycling and recycling and avoid the landfill whenever possible.

Curb-It Haulers are available 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Questions? Please visit our FAQs.

  • Fast service. You can schedule an on-demand pickup or a future job.
  • Competitive pricing. No need to shop the competition, we've brought them all to you.
  • Safety - All Haulers are background checked and fully insured.
  • Convenience - Request a pickup in minutes using the Free Curb-It app.
  • Available 7 days a week and requests can be made 24/7.

All Curb-It Haulers are run through a rigorous background check. We make sure everyone is fully insured and up to date. You will receive notifications alerting you when they arrive and when they depart, and you can communicate with your Hauler throughout the process.

If Integrity, safety, and value weren’t enough, Curb-It is committed to our community. Not just committed to creating a cleaner, healthier environment, but supporting our local heroes. We place top priority on hiring fellow Veterans. You too, can be part of this community support simply by downloading and utilizing the Curb-It app (iPhone, Android).

Get bids and job requests in minutes!


We do our best to make recycling pick up as efficient as possible so that anything that heads to a landfill is a last resort.

How it Works

Just download the app, snap a photo of the items you'd like taken away and see it gone in minutes. It's really that simple.

Items We Take

Not sure if we'll pick it up? No problem! We offer removal services for a variety of items, from home goods to event cleanup and old lumber.

Learn How Your Company Can Benefit
From Business Services.

Curb-It offers junk removal services for businesses big or small, offering customized and personalized options.
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and Property



and Waste

& more!

Happy Haulers, Happy Customers

Our Haulers love working with Curb-It, here's what they're saying about us.

Since I joined, I've had nothing but positive things happen. The support is second to none and it's very easy to navigate! The forum is a great tool to spur up your business. Thanks to everyone!

Izzy B.

Hauler in
Orange County, CA.

I love being a hauler, I work when I want, money comes within days, and the support staff is amazing. They make the process so easy.

Jeff N.

Hauler in
Portland, OR

I can set my range, text the customers when I arrive, work when I want, meet some cool people. The team is fast and fun to work with. I'm glad I joined and look forward to meeting new customers.

Robert T.

Hauler in
Seattle, WA.

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Getting started is easy!

Go Trashy certified Haulers are background checked and include; people who want to make money on their own terms and work full or part-time with no office and no boss, and contractors seeking to minimize downtime.

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